If you are interested in exploring your community-based long-term care options, you must first be screened for medical eligibility by the staff of the State of Florida DOEA CARES program. CARES is a federally-mandated program that provides a free on-site assessment of your long-term care needs, determines your medical eligibility for specific Medicaid programs and provides a comprehensive and unbiased review of your long-term care alternatives.

Click on the map below to find the contact information for your local CARES office that serves your county to apply for the diversion program.

To call the CARES central office: 850-414-2000.

To email the CARES central office: information@elderaffairs.org

In Florida, Medicaid financial eligibility and any share of cost determinations are made either by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) or by the Social Security Administration (for SSI recipients). Information and applications can be found on the DCF website at www.dcf.state.fl.us by clicking on the ACCESS Florida link.

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