The Long Term Care Diversion Program

American Eldercare, Inc. is Florida's largest provider in the Long Term Care Diversion Program. This program provides eligible individuals with quality care in a community-based setting and is designed to help them to delay or avoid long term placement in a nursing facility.

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Our Services

American Eldercare, Inc. provides a variety of services based upon individual personal needs, including but not limited to:

  • Care Management
  • Home Health Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Consumable Medical Supplies
  • Home-Delivered Meals
  • Emergency Response Systems
  • Eyeglasses
  • Hearing aids
  • Assisted Living Services
  • Co-insurance to Medicare services
  • Limited prescription drugs (not covered by Medicare D)
  • Limited dental Services

American Eldercare, Inc. works directly with our members and caregivers to provide them with community services and coordinate their primary care through his or her Medicare plan.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility is determined by the Department of Elder Affairs and the Department of Children and Families. Eligibility requirements include the following:

  • Age 65 years or older
  • Have Medicare Parts A and B or a Medicare HMO
  • Reside in a participating county
  • Meet physical requirements as determined by the State of Florida
  • Meet Florida financial requirements

In What Counties Do We Operate?

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Our mission is to provide comprehensive, cost-effective and cost-efficient healthcare and related services, through a community-based program tailored to the individual.  We serve all people regardless of race, religion or creed; with dignity and respect; and the right of self-determination.

As an experienced organization with strengths in caring for people, we are dedicated to creating innovative models of care, and we have a vision of applying our resources and energies toward improving the health and wellness of seniors of Florida.